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January  26, 2008

On January 17, 2008 Rohr Racing received approval from Grand American for its plans for its Daytona Prototype and it actively pursuing financial backing.

August  20, 2007

On August 13 Rohr Racing resubmitted chassis and body plans to Grand American for the 2008-2012 seasons and is waiting for approval.  "This is good news.", President Terry Rohr stated on Wednesday August 15, 2007.  "Grand American is allowing Rohr Racing to resubmit its chassis and body plans for the next 5 year period of the Daytona Prototype series.  We are once again working toward getting a car built and on the track.  The plans are essentially the same as we submitted back in 2002 and expect to have approval shortly.  While the original plan was to run Honda engines in the cars, the Honda engines are not currently approved and so we are looking at other engines at this time."  Gray Tiger Racing Inc. is still planning on running two the the Rohr R01 Daytona Prototypes once the cars become available.

February  26, 2005

As Gray Tiger Racing Inc. gets ready to celebrate its third year, President Terry Rohr explains what is happening with the team and what the future holds for both the company and the team.


"This past year has been very frustrating for myself and everyone involved with Gray Tiger Racing Inc. After having chassis plans approved by Grand American for the Rohr R01 Daytona Prototype in October 2002 and the body plans approved in February 2003.  Rohr Racing started construction on the cars in mid February 2003 and in June Gray Tiger Racing Inc. brought in Nick Howard as Director of Sales and Marketing.  As construction continued on the cars during 2003, Nick and I actively pursued sponsorship and additional sources of funding for Gray Tiger Racing Inc. and for Rohr Racing.  Additional funding was very limited and work on the cars progressed but progressed much slower than expected due to funding limitations."


"In mid March of 2004, I received word from Grand American that although the Rohr R01 plans were approved, Rohr Racing had been dropped from the list of approved constructors.  I was told this was due to a lack of progress on completing the first car.  This was a devastating blow to me, to Rohr Racing and to Gray Tiger Racing Inc.  We had over 3000 hours and over $100,000 invested in the R01 Daytona Prototype cars and suddenly were no longer allowed to finish the cars and compete.  I was dismayed at the fact that Grand American felt that the time and money that we spent was not enough to be considered a commitment by us to the Daytona Prototype concept."


 "Construction was halted on the cars in April 2004 and various options were considered as to how to proceed.  We decided that too much time and money has been invested to simply drop the Daytona Prototype project and have decided to go ahead with construction of the cars.  Rohr Racing has just received final approval of plans for a new shop and construction of the shop should be completed by mid April.  At that time we will begin working on the cars again.  We hope that Grand American will reconsider and allow us to compete once the cars are completed."


"I want to thank all of the Gray Tiger Racing fans that have supported us during this difficult time and I want to assure them that Gray Tiger Racing Inc. is not dead and that we still have lots of exciting plans and ideas to try to get people interested in the Daytona Prototypes and Gray Tiger Racing."

March  4, 2004

Gray Tiger Racing Inc. announces a new Finder's Fee program for race fans.  This program allows fans another opportunity to get involved with the race team.  View Press Release.


December  17, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing's President, Terry Rohr, tells Andrew Hartwell about the latest status of Gray Tiger Racing and the progress of the Rohr R01 Daytona Prototype.  Click here for the complete article.


September 2, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing's President, Terry Rohr, talks to's Andrew Hartwell about Gray Tiger Racing, the Rohr R01 Daytona Prototype and his views on the future of Grand American and the new Daytona Prototype class.  Click here for the complete interview.


August 11, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing announces a partnership with Acura of Tempe - Arizona's largest NSX dealer.  Acura of Tempe will provide an NSX for use during upcoming photo shoots for the team's new official website and marketing literature.


July 28, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing announces the start of construction on a new official website.  Beyond Secure, Inc. is currently developing a new website that promises to be more interactive and informative for Gray Tiger Racing fans and owners.  We look forward to launching the new site in the coming weeks.

July 25, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing announces their second sponsor, NIKKO America, Inc. - the world leader in radio controlled vehicles.  NIKKO will partner with Gray Tiger Racing in a promotional capacity highlighting the relationship between the Honda Rohr Daytona Prototype and the Acura NSX.

July 21, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing announces their first sponsor, Beyond Secure, Inc. - a full service IT consulting firm.  Beyond Secure is not only the team's first sponsor, but will also partner to develop new technology while handling all of the teams IT needs.

June 26, 2003

Gray Tiger Racing announces that Nick Howard has been named the new Director of Sales and Marketing.  Nick will be responsible for increasing Gray Tiger Racing's exposure and recognition in the highly competitive Rolex Sports Car Series.  He will also take over the duties of increasing team ownership and fan club membership by targeting not only racing fans but the public in general.  Nick will also head up Gray Tiger Racing's merchandise sales and promotional programs.


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